Family TreeEdit

                         |                                            |
            Unknown + Unknown                                     Unknown + Unknown
                    |                                                     |
                Grandmama + Patriarch         Jones family          Mabeltrude
                          |                       |
Unknown individual-----+----Edward Teague   +  Alexis Jones
                       |                    |
Swann   Barbossa       |                    |
(adopted) |            |                    |
     |    |            |                    | 
   Ruth Swann  +  Jack Sparrow     Amelia Jones + Josh Norrington
           |       | 
        Isabel   Ingrid

Family members Edit

  • Jack Sparrow
  • Amelia Jones: Jack's younger half-sister. He was more of her father than her real father.
  • Edward Teague: Jack's father, Keeper of the Code and former Pirate Lord of Madagascar. He would often pop up in Jack's life. Soon, he and a woman named Alexis married and had a daughter named Amelia. He soon found Mia had adapted several traits from Jack that Mia barely recognized him as her father.
  • Alexis Jones: Edward Teague's second wife. While Jack resented her at first, Alexis proved to be a terrific mother for him, as she showed him more fiercer thingt than his real mother did. She later had a daughter named Amelia in Tortuga, but died in childbirth to be with her brother aboard the Flying Dutchman.